We have a fleet of Tree Spades, that include the largest in the UK (the Stocker 8 2.16 metre Tree Spade). These facilitate the cost effective transplanting of trees upto 30cm diameter (at 20cm up the trunk), the majority of whom are moved without root preparation.

Typically we save clients over 90% of the cost it would be to supply and plant the same trees.

The optimum time to transplant trees is September to March. We can move trees outside this season, where possible we use a larger Spade or select smaller trees and in all cases upgrade the watering always after, but sometimes before transplanting.  It is preferable to move earlier in the season than later, but this can be compensated by marginally increased aftercare.

Initially we can discuss over the telephone your requirements to provide a guideline quotation. If this is to your liking and you like our approach to your trees and you,  we will visit, to discuss your needs and ensure that you receive the benefit of our experience. Our visit will lead to an accurate quotation and will also help ensure the correct selection of trees, that will establish quickly in their new locations.

During our site visit to inspect the trees, access and  planting locations, we will always assist you in selecting the optimum trees, so that when our Tree Spades attend; you achieve maximum returns.

For over 25 years we have worked with clients, throughout Britain and Ireland - many on a repeat basis and by referral. Naturally we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

On our stand at the  Chelsea Flower Show last year, one of our old clients whose golf course is on the most free draining soil, informed us that of the 150 trees we moved, in a period upto 1990, only 2 have failed. It is a shame the remainder of his tree resources are at 40cm diameter, too large  even for one of our  2.16 metre Stocker Tree Spades, which are the biggest in the U.K.

Currently 40% of our clients are extending the hire of Tree Spades, once they see the results.  Most for an extra day or two, but one for a week. One client,  so pleased with the results, they have found 3-400 more trees for us to move over the forthcoming years.