Are your trees stressed, in poor condition, of low vigour, under attack, or subject to compaction or other site related pressures?

We can help, we operate Air Spades to relieve surface and near surface compaction by moving soil in situ to aerate. Soil ameliorants can be added to the backfill to improve the soil.

Ruskins can also undertake deep soil aeration and injection of media to assist trees. We use Vogt Geotec machines to sink a one metre air probe to undertake deep air injection.

We have the ability to inject compressed air with this deep air probe, at depths upto one metre creating fissures relieving compaction and to aerate the soil. Soil amelioration can be undertaken by injecting bio char, mycorrhizal fungi and/or tree fertiliser and bacteria, along with the air.

Ruskins can drench the rooting area with a bespoke Compost Tea that contains all of the Soil Food Web, apart from worms and insects. The worms and insects will migrate to this improved soil. If worms are absent or in low numbers we can add these to the soil.

An aerated soil, with good soil biology, fed by composting organic matter will provide (with water and sunlight) all that your trees and plants need.

The tree will be have increased ability to defend itself, root growth will be encouraged, with enhanced soil structure, nutrients and bacteria. Waterlogging can be relieved and water storing polymer added to increase moisture retention in the soil.

We can add Biochar/Zeolites and other soil ameliorants that will fill the cavities upto the surface. The Biochar/Zeolites contains high concentrations of multiple strains of Mycorrhizal Fungi and Antagonistic Fungi, along with bacteria from wormcasts and trace minerals from seaweed.

Both soil structure and soil health can be improved increasing beneficial Mycorrhizal and Bacteria. The Biochar will alter the soil, increasing the water holding capacity, stabilising the relative moisture, increasing the absorption of nutrients and reducing leeching. Plant productivity will be increased due to decreased acidity, increased composting and improved habitat for helpful soil micro organisms. 

See below and on the next page the deep aeration and the results.

Row on LEFT treated one year ago, row on right not treated

Row on LEFT treated one year ago, row on right not treated

close up of one of the treated Limes

close up of one of the treated Limes