What a wonderful way to create a memorial or to mark an event, to plant a tree. What you will do will not only be beautiful, but will remain, growing every year for generations. Even the shortest lived trees will live for around 60-100 years, the longest 300 years ++, that's two to twelve generations, minimum.

There is the opportunity to plant a tree that will mature into a huge specimen, visible from miles around for hundreds of years or a small pretty tree that will beautify a particular location, which can be relatively short or long lived.

Because of the longevity of trees, it is vital that you plant the right tree, that will mature without burdening future generations with management to control size.

You should also ensure that the tree is provided with assistance (watering) to ensure it establishes,  this typically lasts for around 3 summers.

At Ruskins we specialise in larger trees, you are welcome to contact us, if your budget will not accommodate a large tree or if you are a long way from us that would make us put a immoral delivery charge on the project, we will point you in the direction of a more local supplier.  If this is the case please treat this web page as a guide to the selection and  planting of a successful memorial tree.

Potential sites for trees, i.e. churches, crematoriums, parks etc, may already have a process in place for selecting and planting a tree.

There may be a particular tree for the person or occasion, we are happy to advise on this. It may flower  / fruit / autumn colour at a particular time. You could plant a fruit or Christmas tree, so that the community in decades to come can benefit directly from it.

Why plant only one tree? You could  plant lots of small ones, creating a copse, orchard  or wildlife area often for the same budget.

To maximise the impact of your funds you can consider planting the tree yourselves.  Our delivery driver will  be an experienced arborist who will talk you through the planting process. We can supply the necessary planting sundries with the tree.  Upon his/her return we will produce bespoke aftercare guidelines to assist you with the care of this tree.  We are always available to assist you with any concerns over the care of your tree.

It is vital that you plant the tree correctly and help it establish in its new location. Please see our Planting and Aftercare notes located within the Supply and Plant section of the website.
*** Please place a strimmer guard around your tree, you do not have to buy a strimmer guard. Use a section of drain pipe. Do not let a careless strimmer operator ring bark your tree***
Currently due to disease and pests threatening specific species of trees. We are not supplying: Ash, Horse Chestnut or Golden Robinia.