Planting mistakes #1

Before I comment on the planting and aftercare, the mantra "right tree, right place" has to be underlined.

The tree has to be planted in the right environment;  damp/dry ground; thin topsoil; exposed location; coastal location, acidic / alkaline soils, hard surfaces,,,,,,

The tree has to thrive in it's location, to do this the location has to suit the tree.  How do you ascertain this?  Even the most experienced Arborist will note what is thriving locally, they have the added advantage of also identifying which are struggling and identifying their names. There are also many guides one the web to assist you.    

When assessing the tree, you have to think 50-100 yrs ahead, is there space for it to mature? You should not burden future owners with the cost of managing to control size. 

Some species have known risks i.e. disease, pests,  large branch detachment when mature, suckering through their root systems, high moisture demand (subsidence risk)....

Ideally the tree should fulfill it's function (screening/wildlife/ornamental) and compliment the locality.

Ask an Arborist if you are unsure!