When trees are too large to move with our Tree Spades (we have the largest in the UK), we utilise a "rootball, frame and crane" methodology. This is scaleable for trees from just above those capable of being moved with a Tree Spade up to the very largest enable us to move trees with an appropriately sized root ball.

Ideally this task is preceded by root pruning to prepare the tree for transplanting. We use several unique methods to make the preparation of the tree for moving as tree friendly as possible.  Root pruning assists the process of transplanting but needs time.  If there are no restrictions on time, a period of upto 2 years can be utilised. The longer the period for root pruning the higher the quality of the transplant.  

Once the tree is root prepared we then rootball the tree and transplant, as often by dragging as lifting by crane.

If there is not the timescale available to root prune, we compensate by increasing the size of root ball and aftercare.

As with all tree transplanting the aftercare to assist the tree whilst it is establishing (re-growing the root system the tree would have naturally) is as vital as all that proceeds it.  Please be aware that for the largest trees a period of aftercare  of upto 10 years will be required.  This length of time is needed as the tree needs to re-establish it's root system to it's original extent.

Our unique methodology to transplant  and provide aftercare for large trees, produced the following comment from a Local Authority Tree Officer when passing a TPO  (Tree Preservation Order) approval to root ball 8 mature Lime trees to facilitate a large development "I can find no reason to refuse this application".