Trees in containers

There are some circumstances when this cannot be avoided, but please realise how alien this is to a tree.  It will require watering  more frequently, when it exhausts the soil (preferably before), it will require  feeding and top dressing. Once you have conquered these elements, you will be faced in time with the tree becoming pot bound. 

We had one lady who brought a Swedish Birch over to London when she came to live here twenty plus years ago, (in her hand luggage) when it reached a  decent size, she planted it in a plastic dustbin.  Whenever it split the dustbin,  the  dustbin was cut away, a bit of the root and soil removed and it was replanted in another plastic dustbin.  This created a large bonsai Swedish Birch in wonderful health.

For those of  you with trees already in containers,  you could lift the tree out and place it in a larger pot, but at some stage this will become a bit of a problem,  the tree could be lifted out and root pruned (like a bonsai).  We suggest however  it can be re-planted in a tree (root) friendly container.      

Call us to find out how.