Autumn Leaves - What to do with them

In nature, the leaves that fall, remain either where they fall or close.  

They are then broken down by natural processes to  provide organic matter for the soil organisms, which in turn create the environment or nutrients for the Mycorrhizal fungi and roots. These  feed the tree, enabling the tree to grow a full canopy of leaves, which provide the tree with energy through photosynthesis and then fall in autumn.      

It is a closed loop recycling process. 

IF you can, this autumn leave the leaves where they fall to feed the tree. This can be speeded up by mulching the leaves, this can be down by mowing the leaves, without the  collector off, so the chopped up leaves fall to the ground  But check for hedgehogs first!

Tony Kirkam for Kew uses this process at Kew, he swears the leaves are chopped up so fine, the worms manage to take them into the ground at such a rate, there is nothing left in 24 hours!  

Try this let me know if the worms achieve this.