Rock salt / salt and Trees

Tis the season (in temperate climates in the Northern Hemisphere) for slippery paths and roads.

In our risk adverse world, ice or even the threat of ice triggers an over reaction. Instead of clearing snow and ice or walking more carefully; rock salt and salt are spread to reduce the risk of slips/falls/claims (real or imaginary) for slips and falls.

This is multiplied by people not understanding the difference between an air frost and a ground frost. An air frost (the type that places ice on your windscreen), will not cause ice on the ground. Yet when a zero or sub zero temperature is reported, it can be a the start of an application of rock salt/ ice, when it is not needed.

Why  am I an Arborist writing about this?  It is because salt kills trees.  Please be aware of this and try not to place salt around trees.