I was asked on Friday to help a national charity with a large scale, multi location, community tree planting project.  Even though we would not benefit from this, spreading the love of trees is a passion of ours.    

In response to the question from the client of " What do we do to ensure success", at first I envisaged a long list of different factors that needed to be taken into account.  Then I remembered BS8545, it encompasses the selection of trees, where to plant trees, how to plant trees and then critically that they need looking after for 5 years whilst they establish (attain the root system of a "natural tree", when they can support themselves and have "independence in the landscape".  

I urged him just to state the works had to be done to the standard, but then realised that I would have to explain the long list of different factors so that he could assess if the tenders were to the standard.  It was still a pleasure to pass on what it takes to make a successful tree planting.