It's unseasonally dry!

If you have a tree (or shrub)  that has been planted or transplanted within the last five years or in a pot, please start watering them.  We have had 3-4 weeks of dry weather, at a time in the year when this should not occur.

Watering is best undertaken so that it penetrates deep into the ground, by slowly watering (drip irrigation is best for this). If your trees have an aeration/irrigation tube, only put around 20% of the water down this pipe.  The majority of the roots in newly planted / transplanted trees are within the rootball (or very close to it). It is therefore imperative to water across the top  of the rootball and immediate surrounding areas.  

Aeration/irrigation tubes are inserted to deliver air and water to lower in the soil to encourage roots and bypass  (although alongside) the rootball.  Whilst this is a beneficial, unless the tree is alive, it is of no use.

Cheap automated valves and drip irrigation systems are available from

We recommend the following automated valve, it is not only the easiest to programme, but the cheapest.  Fit with a "splitter" to enable your tap to be used as normal

Please call us if you need advice, although both of the above suppliers provide excellent guidance.