Council young tree planting - the impact of budget cuts

Whilst there has undoubtedly been a reduction in new tree planting, it is the neglect of recently planted trees that this rant is concerned with.

I see on my travels hundreds of trees planted in verges and pavements, that have (against the odds with inadequate aftercare) established. After doing the hard part, the reduction in tree care budgets means that the epicormic and basal growth is not being removed.  

In addition to the issues visually with this, it is the impact it will have  when it gets drier, hotter and more stressful for the trees, that vexes me.  

When trees are stressed this new epicromic growth will take energy away from higher up the tree, potentially leading to dieback. If it was removed the energy would have no option but to flow to the canopy, now it will take the easy option and it will be tempted to remain with the epicormic growth, here is does not have to battle gravity as much.

This is an unintended consequence of the budget cuts and not in keeping with the much hear green agenda.