Autumn tints

We are about to enter autumn and apparently the weather we have had this summer in the UK will result in better than usual tints.

Whilst all deciduous trees have leaves that change colour, some retain these autumn tinted leaves for longer and others have better autumn colours.  A few have booth better colours and for longer.

One tree drops all it's yellow autumn tinted leaves at once, creating a yellow carpet of leaves.

There are also many trees that have the highly desired autumn colours, but also have area(s) of interest (flowers, fruit, leaves, form, bark, beneficial to wildlife).

When prospective clients ask us for advice on which tree to plant, after consideration over ultimate tree size (right tree for right place) and listening to the preferences of the client, after ensuring their planting location is suitable for the tree. We try to recommend one of these multi-faceted trees  to provide many areas of interest through the seasons, to provide delight throughout the year.