Can a tree/hedge/shrub be transplanted?

The answer is invariably yes.  

Here are some of the reasons why it does not take place:

1) Whilst mechanical Tree Moving (with Tree Spades) can be very cost effective with suitably sized trees. When we have to rootball the tree/shrub, when there is no access for a Tree Spade or the specimen is oversized for a Tree Spade (we have the largest in the UK) and a much bigger rootball is required, the budget required can be very large Any size of tree can be transplanted, the budget needed can be large and the timescale needed to root prepare cannot be suitable.  

2) Species of tree, there are few that we do not move, Eucalypts and Monkey Puzzles.

3) Lack of time, with some specimens especially large ones, we recommend root pruning  prior to transplanting.  Sometimes this timescale is not available.  Please contact us early in any prospective project!

4)  Wrong time of year.  We prefer not to transplant during Spring and Summer, when trees are transpiring at their most.   We can translocate move during these times but a much higher level of care has to be taken.

5) Local Authority does not permit.  On occasion if the tree is subject to TPO /Conservation Area status, the application/notification is refused.  This is usually because the Local Authority does not believe our methodology will be successful. Thankfully this is very rare, especially when meaningful root  pruning and aftercare are specified.

6) Unhelpful soil, when the topsoil is very thin the roots will have travelled significantly further to gain nutrients and moisture. In these situations, we need to take a larger rootball or root prune prior to moving.