Rootballed/Bareroot/Container Grown Trees

We can:

Supply and Plant

Supply only

Plant trees you have sourced

There are however options for the trees at various times of the year.

Container Grown trees are available all year round and are available in a variety of types of containers.  Air Pot trees are undoubtedly the highest quality, but they are available in black pots, white bags and other containers. There are a limited number of species of trees that are only recommended as container grown trees i.e. Monkey Puzzles.

Rootballed  and  Bareroot trees are available only during autumn and winter.  They stop being sold as spring starts and start when  autumn takes full effect.  Neither are dates in the diary, it is when nature tells us.

Bareroot trees are offered only  for very small trees and some varieties are not suited to being offered bareroot at all but the very smallest trees. Bareroot trees need careful handling in accordance with simple guidelines designed to stop the roots becoming dried out.

Rootballed trees offer the widest possible range of trees as there are many more growers of this form of trees.