How to get a guideline cost for Screening Trees

We are happy to provide budget costs for potential clients. We would love to speak to you about your requirements and explain how we can assist you.

Whether you call us on 01277 849990, visit us at Great Warley or send an email to we will need the following information:

Approximate height of screen (no need to be accurate at this stage, if you have difficulty estimating often just the detail of what we are screening (i.e. 1st floor window) or if you have a fence or wall, visualise putting the fence ontop of the existing fence (i.e. a 6ft fence ontop of itself will be a 12ft screen)).

Approximate length of screen ( again no need to be accurate, we can also translate "the length of a bus",  and " six fence panels").

Your location

Access to the planting location (through house (if this is it a straight line), side gate....)

An image would help of the area needing screening.

If you email, please provide us with your telephone number

Any preferences you have for particular trees or styles of tree.

We would love to provide you with the solution to your screening problem. Normally we can not only create a functional screen to provide you with privacy, that will also enhance your garden. 

It is a delight to see how clients appreciate our screening!