Can I transplant my tree/ shrub / hedge ?

Yes, unless it is at a size you need an expert like us to help!

Small trees and shrubs can be 'easily' moved providing the following are considered:

1) A sufficient rootball will be needed to support the plant its  new location.  A good guide is what you  would be happy with if you were that plant!

2) Try to keep the soil together when you move it, wrap in hessian or another natural fabric

3) Move during the period September (ideally November) to mid March, preferably as early in this timescale to provide the plant with the longest period before the following summer. 

4) Cut the roots cleanly at a point just after where it subdivides.     

5) When planting, plant at the same level as it was at the donor location.

6) Add Mycorrhizal fungi to areas  adjacent to the  roots.

7)  Understand that the plant needs help whilst establishing. It will need to expand it's root system to that of a unmoved plant.  Whilst this establishing the plant will need watering, especially during hot and dry weather.  This could continue for years (2-3 for small trees and shrubs)

8) Mulch   

9)  The plant may be stressed, it may defoliate or die back, even have smaller leaves or a less dense canopy.  Whilst this is occurring keep watering etc. Check the cambium (the thin grey layer beneath the surface of the bark), if it is there the branch is still alive.  This blog contains plenty of other advice on how to help establish a plant.

10)  You have one back, call in friends to help move plants if needed!  Use good manual handling techniques.

Slide in preference to lift and triple check the depth of planting pit against the rootball, you do not want to lift it out again to amend the pit!