Decompaction of Tree Roots and boosting rooting areas

We offer services to help with the aeration of compacted soil and to boost the health of soils around tree roots.

With Air Spades we can decompact down to around 30cm, by moving the soil in situ (so exposed roots do not desiccate) and adding nutrients and soil fauna.

Ruskins now also offer deeper aeration/decompaction with a Vogt Soil Probe that can reach down to 1 metre and deliver pressurised air to fracture the soil. The air can be used to soil ameliorants to improve the quality of the soil and therefore the roots of the tree.

One of the soil ameliorants we can offer is biochar, which can improve the structure of the soil and be used as a vehicle to add mycorrhizal fungi, seaweed, wormcasts and potassium phosphite.

We recommend that all treated trees are mulched, have the leaves retained to compost down and if suitable are fenced off to prevent re compaction. Ideally they are also watered during periods of extreme heat and drought.