Re-pleaching / Pruning Pleached Trees / Management of Pleached Trees

Pleached trees will always try to revert to being trees. They require management.

In addition they often need re-pleaching (tying in and pruning) to increase the density of the screen or to extend the screen laterally or higher.

This management of pleached trees will also retain the formal nature of the pleached screen.

At the foot of this are images of a pleached Hornbeam aerial hedge before and after re-pleaching.

Pleached Beech will benefit from repleaching in late summer to maximise the retention of leaves through winter.

Pleached Evergreen Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) will try to create it’s natural sparse canopy so will always need management.

Pleached Hornbeam, Pleached Photinia, Pleached Crab Apple, Pleached Evergreen Oak, Pleached Camellia and Pleached Liquidambar will all need this management.

Our expert teams of Arborists can undertake this management of pleached trees and many clients use our services annually to prune or hedge pleached trees. We can extend the screens laterally or vertically (our current tallest are 9 metres plus!).

In addition our teams can remove the bamboo frames and transfer the pleached trees onto either a wire framework (much less visible) or one of Willow/Hazel/Poplar branches.

Once the desired aerial screen is in place, we can them hedge the screen to retain the form. When the branches are sufficiently rigid to hold their form we can remove the framework, leaving you with a narrow, formal, pleached aerial screen.

We also offer this service for ‘table top’ / parasol trees.

If you would like a quote, please send images of the pleached trees, your location, their height and number, if you would like them pleached taller or wider and your contact details to

Re-pleaching of pleached Hornbeam hege to return it to it’s desired form

Re-pleaching of pleached Hornbeam hege to return it to it’s desired form