Monitoring your trees / plants

In the northern hemisphere summer is with us, this is the potentially the most stressful time for trees and all plants, with a combination of lack of moisture and increased  heat.  

Newly planted/transplanted, all container grown and all trees surrounded by hard surfaces and close proximity to structures (reflected heat) are at increased risk. This is due to their lack of a natural (sized)  root system found with young mature and mature trees.  How do you know if they are suffering?

1) Firstly have empathy for them, know when they are likely to be feeling stressed (and help them to overcome this).

2) Are the leaves drooping /wilting?  Have they lost their lustre/changed colour ?  Is the specimen dropping leaves ? Are leaves dead on the tree? Is there dieback in the canopy? Is the specimen creating    epicormic / basal growth.   

3)  The next blog will be about what to do if any in 2) occur, call us if they are already exhibiting these signs.