My Tree is unhappy - what do I do?

The last blog dealt with the signs that a plant can give that it is under stress. This one deals with how to mitigate.

1) Look closely at the tree/plant, can you see anything? Does the soil look dry /wet, are there infestations of anything,  is it at a (new) lean, is there any damage to the bark...

2) It is most likely that the cause is to do with watering when signs occur when it is hot /dry.  The rectification could be water more frequently / more each time, or if ponding occurs for prolonged periods (give it a chance to drain), you could need to reduce watering.

3) If it is an infestation, try to identify  the pest and treat accordingly.  

4) If the bark is being eaten or is being damaged by mowers / strimmers, protect the trunk.

Next blog, I will talk about how to give your tree other assistance