Trees & Hot and dry weather

During spells of hot and dry weather, your trees (including shrubs), will feel it as well as you!

Any trees planted or transplanted within the the last 5 years and all those in containers will need assistance. If any trees/plants show signs of trees, water them.  Primarily this assistance is an increase in watering (more each time and more often).  Plants will use more water during  hot times.  I think this is a rare design flaw.  

The main way they cool down is by transpiring (sweating like we do), they create a ready brek glow (for those of you who do not remember these ads, it is a surrounding of warmth (in the ads) around kids who had eaten  it for breakfast.  

So at a time when moisture in the soil / container is usually in short supply,(due to lack of rain); the tree is using/losing it at an increasing rate as the temperature increases, as they try to cool down.  When a dry wind is present this is magnified as the ready brek glow is blown away.

With trees/plants in containers, if you can, move them into the shade.   If trees/plants are surrounded by hard surfaces, this will increase the effect of heat.